The New France

The New France

The New France
The New France

“To be a Belgian in Burgundy is bad enough, but to be a motormouth who talks about fellow winemakers in the same tender terms that boxers use to needle their opponents has turned Jean-Marie Guffens into a celebrated pariah.”

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“Exceptional … a must buy and read.” “My book of the year for 2003 has to be Andrew Jefford’s New France – a brilliant effort” Robert Parker,

“All wine lovers owe it to themselves to read this book …It is the finest book on a nation’s wine regions that I have ever read. I cannot recommend it highly enough.” Pierre-Antoine Rovani,

“a passionate and sophisticated defence of France and its wines, a work beyond the capacity of any other wine writer in its passion, its panache, its evident empathy with the regions, their landscape and so many of their winemakers.” Nicholas Faith, Harpers

“a terrific book for the expert and amateur alike.” Bruce Sanderson, The Wine Spectator

“the best book around on the contemporary French wine business” Eric Asimov, The New York Times

“An inspired and inspiring book.” Joanna Simon, The Sunday Times

“a must-read, must-buy book – superbly well-organised and worded, great for producer listings, excellent for getting under the skin of grape varieties and growers of the same, and just for getting closer to a wine-and-word lover on scintillating form.” Malcolm Gluck, The Guardian

“This is a perfect meeting of subject and author.” Richard Ehrlich, The Independent on Sunday