Andrew has written a number of books over the last 20 years. His books Peat Smoke and Spirit: a Portrait of Islay and its Whiskies and The New France both received great critical acclaim. The New France is no longer in print, but used copies are available from the usual sources. Peat Smoke and Spirit is still in print, as a paperback.

Andrew Jefford’s Wine Course was published in 2008. It is a friendly, accessible and easy-going introduction to wine for those who know little or nothing about it. The Wine Course is divided up into twenty different projects under three main headings: The Tools, The Elements and The Journey. The aim is provide those reading it with a framework for further discoveries, and the confidence to explore.

Book list

  • ‘Scotch Whisky: From Origins to Conglomerates’ in Whiskey and Philosophy: A Small Batch of Spirited Ideas, ed. Fritz Allhoff and Marcus P Adams (Wiley 2009)
  • Andrew Jefford’s Wine Course (Ryland, Peters & Small, September 2008)
  • ‘The Art and Craft of Wine’ (with Paul Draper) in Questions of Taste: The Philosophy of Wine, ed. Barry Smith (Oxford University Press, 2007)
  • Peat Smoke and Spirit: a Portrait of Islay and its Whiskies (Headline, November 2004)
  • The New France (Mitchell Beazley, 2002)
  • Choosing Wine (Ryland, Peters & Small 2003)
  • After-Dinner Drinks (Ryland, Peters & Small 2003)
  • Wine Tastes, Wine Styles (Ryland, Peters & Small 2000)
  • One Hundred And One Things You Need To Know About Wine (Simon & Schuster 1998)
  • Smokes (Evening Standard Books 1997)
  • The Evening Standard Wine Guide 1997 (Evening Standard Books)
  • The Evening Standard Wine Guide 1996 (Pavilion)
  • The Wines of Germany (Mitchell Beazley 1994)
  • Which? Wine Guide 1991 (Consumers’ Association)
  • Port: an essential guide to the classic drink (Merehurst 1988)